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When it comes to the financing component of a PACE loan, not to worry.  We are refreshingly different than your typical PACE lender in that we do not rely on only one source of providing capital.  Our sole objective is to offer you choices in your project financing based on your project’s specific needs and your financial objectives.  Most importantly, we have the knowledge and resources to work directly with the local PACE district/administrator to facilitate your application to closing.  360 PACE Lending is uniquely qualified to deliver exceptional funding and guidance to meet your PACE energy efficiency goals.

Major Benefits:

No Personal Guaranty Needed
PACE financing “runs with the land”.  The only requirements under the PACE Act is that the property owner be current on their mortgage, property taxes, and no bankruptcy proceedings.

You Own the System and Keep Rebates and Tax Incentives
With PACE financing, the property owner owns the equipment and systems allowing them to claim all tax benefits and rebates.  In contrast to other financing options, like leases, the lessor claims all rebates and incentives.

Better Cash Flow and Improved Operating Income
Long term financing enables smaller annual payments.  As a result most energy efficiency or renewable energy projects get better cash flow and net operating income.  These smaller payments are often offset by rebates, incentives, and energy savings creating cash flow positive projects from day one.

Free Up Capital Budgets and Preserve Credit
Utilizing PACE financing preserves capital expenditure or maintenance budgets for other projects.  In addition, off-balance sheet PACE financing does not inhibit the property owners credit, preserving the borrowing capacity for future needs or working capital.

Transfer of Lien Upon Sale 
A PACE assessment lien is tied to the property, not the individual owner.  As a result, it is possible to transfer the lien to the next owner.  With this method, you are only paying for the energy efficiency improvements while you are getting the benefits.  The next owner then assumes the cost of the improvements while they are receiving the benefit.

Pass Through Costs to Tenants with Triple Net Leases
Triple net leases allow for an allocated portion of the property taxes (and assessments) to be paid in the lease.  Since the PACE assessment is an assessment and are on equal standing as property taxes, the tenant can share in the cost of the upgrades.  Passing the costs through to the tenant solves the split incentive issue commonly found with leased spaces.  The tenant is now paying for the benefits they receive in better facilities and the energy savings.

Other Benefits:

  • 100% Financing
  • Off-balance sheet accounting
  • Competitive Interest Rates (Tied to LIBOR Index)
  • Simple Qualifications
  • Longer Terms – Up to 20 Years
  • Transferable Lien (you only pay for the benefits received, if the property is sold – payments transfer to the new owner)
  • Eligible for Rebates, Incentives and Tax Credits.


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