We realize that you and your customer have a valued relationship.  Our goal is to make this a seamless process for you and most importantly, to your customer.  We strive to ensure that your customer receives funding in an expedited and uncomplicated fashion so you can begin work.

  • We do not require the issuance of bonds in order to fund your customer’s PACE project.  This saves your customer tens of thousands of dollars and several months of time.
  • We do not require the burdensome task of inspections to process construction draws.  This allows your business to run more efficiently and profitably without undue delay.
  • The property owner receives the funding for your project via a ” one time close”.  Therefore, 100% funding for your project, and other trades, are expedited so you can begin your project soon after funding…… without delay.

For a better understanding of how we can assist in the funding of your project.  Just give us a call and we will be happy to send you our PACE Project Flowchart.


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