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360 Pace Lending

Traditional Bank Loan  (if available)

Credit check and high qualifying score is required No Yes
Personal guarantee is required No Yes
Income check is required and an upper-income is desired No Yes
Down payment is required No Yes
Do pre-payment penalties apply? No Perhaps
You can potentially create a positive cash flow position immediately Yes Yes
You keep and reciecve financial benefits from rebates Yes Yes
You keep and reciecve financial benefits from tax credits Yes Yes
You permanently add financial value and ecological benefits to your property Yes Yes
You minimize the financial impact of future energy rate increases Yes Yes
You can purchase many different energy efficient items, not just solar panels Yes Yes
You have the freedom to make your payments monthly, quarterly,   semiannually or annually in conjunction with your property tax bill. Yes No
If the property is sold, you are only responsible for the benefits received.   The balance of the financed amount becomes the responsibility of the new owner. Yes No
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